Sarah says every horse has a unique Natural Asymmetry; this sometimes can cause struggles within our training. When our horse is finding something difficult, possibly being spooky, naughty or struggling to get the correct canter lead it can often be because of the horses struggles within its own body.

Sarah uses a logical training system of progressive exercises helping to develop suppleness core strength and develop topline.

Using Groundwork and In Hand work Sarah has developed exercises with the use of poles and grid work to improve Hoof-Brain coordination.

Sarah finds teaching the horses early on the use of lateral work very beneficial. Leg yielding moving laterally to the left encourages the horse to step away from its often-strained right shoulder and approach the left rein, which it naturally tends to avoid due to its asymmetry. The horse like us prefers being right-handed or left-handed. It is our job as a Trainer to gymnasticize and supple the horse. All of this contributes to the horse feeling happy and relaxed in its body.

We shall take great care not to annoy the horse and spoil his friendly charm, for it is like the scent of a blossom-once lost it will never return


All of this can be found on our YouTube channel.